Color plastic
 Plastic color of the oldest type and color at different quality are available in the market that perhaps the quality of some colors but not really acceptable for some people seeking non-profit and personal use enter the market any color, especially in plastic paint can be found.
 Plastic Latex paint must be prepared and capable Shstv and drag any old wet, but since this color quite shallow shelf and non-mental production does not wash for most of a lower quality paint is used to half is known as plastic.
 But in general, paint ceilings and more suitable for places where the reach is far from adequate and quality standard, semi-plastic-class, semi-plastic and quite 2 Unfortunately, this semi-plastics continue to grade s 20.Pricing on the same principle of quality work with a half-grade plastic and is considered a type of color that you buy or you run make sure you have that is good quality. More text services price coloring plastic Note:
Color plastic
Calculate the cost of painting depends on the type of work (foundations) and color tone selected by the employer is.  But every so informed General Vhdvd costs in this section is a reference to price services in the service we do for coloring:
 - Overall cost of the meters by 1000 to USD 2000 USD meter lead.
- Separation costs in a paragraph is as follows:
A - Level 3 plastic color below 1500 USD (m) Profile: useless Vtghyyr color wash over the low
B - 2 color plastic grade equivalent of 2000 USD
 C - Color 2500 USD equivalent plastic grade 1 (m) Vtghyyr washable paint for high
Note: The above prices are not fixed

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